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Throws and Catches

Tricks where the hat actually leaves your hand.

The following links take you to a more detailed description, and in most cases a video of each trick.

Written By: LP - 2003-02-03 23:47:39
Last Edited by: Mike - 2003-02-07 10:13:08
Back catch

Throw the hat, bend over and catch it on your back

Last Updated: 2003-03-17 14:28:13 By: LP
Backcross to head catch

Throw the hat behind your back, and catch it on your head.

Last Updated: 2003-07-21 17:58:31 By: LP

A pair of throws and catches that Mike discovered while sitting in the back of a car.

Last Updated: 2003-12-29 22:52:00 By: Mike
Can Opener

Literally flipping your lid!

Last Updated: 2003-12-10 13:08:21 By: Mike
Coat Peg

Throw the hat up to an upstretched hand

Last Updated: 2003-02-07 09:56:33 By: Mike
Coat Peg (same hand)

A surprising little trick where the throw and the catch are made from the same hand

Last Updated: 2003-02-07 09:56:49 By: Mike
Coatpeg drop

A fancy way out of the coatpeg.

Last Updated: 2003-05-14 11:36:07 By: Mike
Coatpeg drop to elbow catch

A nice variation on the Coatpeg drop.

Last Updated: 2003-06-23 23:28:30 By: LP
Crown pinches

Pinch the top corner of the crown and flick the hat round to catch the opposite corner

Last Updated: 2003-12-10 21:05:52 By: Mike
Flat Throw to Head

Yet another way to throw a hat and catch it on your head!

Last Updated: 2004-06-08 16:32:24 By: Mike
Foot Flickup

A neat way to recover a dropped hat.

Last Updated: 2003-06-23 13:01:43 By: LP
Foot to foot

Throw the hat from one foot to the other

Last Updated: 2004-03-26 00:03:00 By: Mike
Foot to Head

Throw the hat from the foot to the head

Last Updated: 2003-02-07 09:51:00 By: Mike
Front Drop

Drop from the chest to a last second catch

Last Updated: 2004-03-25 09:53:38 By: Mike
Head to heel

Balance the hat on your head, then drop it back to your heel

Last Updated: 2003-06-30 10:25:18 By: Mike
Headstop Cascade

A three hat juggling pattern where each hat is thrown to the head.

Last Updated: 2004-05-24 12:57:08 By: LP
Heel Catch

Drop the hat from an upstretched hand and catch it blind on your heel.

Last Updated: 2003-03-10 11:47:45 By: Mike
Jump up Head Catch

Throw the hat up in the air, and jump into it.

Last Updated: 2004-03-25 09:56:48 By: Mike
Kick up from ground

Kick the hat up after a drop

Last Updated: 2003-05-19 11:25:10 By: Mike
Knee Catch

Throw the hat under your leg and catch it on your knee.

Last Updated: 2003-07-21 17:58:45 By: LP
Knock to foot

Knock the hat from the head to the foot

Last Updated: 2003-02-07 09:55:03 By: Mike
Knock to foot (via knee)

Knock the hat off the head so that it bounces on the knee and then lands on the foot

Last Updated: 2003-02-07 09:51:11 By: Mike
Meet the Feet

The Void performs his newest trick on stage after having just invented it. Thanks to Brian for providing the footage.

Last Updated: 2005-12-06 13:36:30 By: Mike
Neck trap

A little hands-free diversion

Last Updated: 2004-06-10 11:22:31 By: lp
Reverse throw to foot

Throw the hat from above the head to the foot with a reverse spin

Last Updated: 2003-03-30 18:03:35 By: Mike
Roll to foot

A simple, elegant way of getting the hat to the foot.

Last Updated: 2003-05-06 09:51:20 By: Mike
Shoulder Throw

Throw the hat over your shoulder and catch it again.

Last Updated: 2003-04-28 15:42:43 By: LP
Steve Rawlings Twisty Hat Catch

Catch the hat with yor arm tangled around your legs...

Last Updated: 2003-07-21 17:58:55 By: LP
The Shuffle

Another three hat juggling trick - this time it's the half shower

Last Updated: 2004-05-24 12:57:33 By: LP
Throw to foot

Throw the hat to your foot as if it was a hatstand

Last Updated: 2003-02-07 09:53:26 By: Mike
Throw to head

Throw the hat from your hand to your head

Last Updated: 2003-02-07 09:56:01 By: Mike
Zip Across

An interesting way to swap hands

Last Updated: 2004-05-24 12:57:45 By: LP
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