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Links that take you to online video clips of people performing using hats.

Where possible, we've linked to the pages which host the clips rather than linking to the clips directly. We believe this is slightly more sociable (as we don't host any of these video clips ourselves)

If you want to view the clips repeatedly, right click on the link and chose "save as" from the drop down menu. This saves you hammering the sites we link to.

Also please remember that some of the footage here is old archive footage and may not be the clearest video clips on the net, but the juggling is still top quality!


Pat McGuire

Thanks to Matt Hall This clip of Pat McGuire was filmed at Coeur D'Alene in 2002 and features some nice hat and cane work, with several moves I hadn't seen before. Very nice!

Handsome Little Devils

You'll have to dig about in the site a bit to find it (Being a flash driven site I can't link directly to the videos page), but there's some really nice hat+cane work, single and multiple hat work in the promo video from "The Handsome Little Devils"

Yella Fever

Very nice 3 person multiple hat routine, I've always liked the choreography in this one. Their live act is just as tight as this clip.


Matt Brown is a very funny chap, and this clip shows off not only his single and 3 hat work, but his rather marvelous range of facial expressions! (Oh, and it's got some juggling in it too)

Kris Kremo

There were a number of clips on this page, both new and archive footage... Unfortunately doesn't seem to work anymore.

One video which was worth watching is the Kris Kremo clip that is now hosted by

The hat stuff starts about a 3rd of the way through, and is insane! If anyone out there can replicate the bit where he bounces hats off his head let me know so that I can worship you!

Fistful of Lice

These guys went down a storm at the BJC2003 in Brighton, the video is large, but well worth the download...

Haggis and his hats

Used to contains information about Haggis and Charlie, including a couple of rather nice videos of Haggis performing his hat routine. Certainly inspirational (he's rather good is Haggis).

Unfortunately seems to be no more, however thanks to The Void we have managed to salvage the large copy of the video. You can view it here - Haggis and his hats - 6.3Mb Quicktime

Cirque du Soleil

Contains a link to a video clip from Cirque du Soleil, including some excelent hat and ball manipulation as performed in their show "Quidam" by Steven Ragatz and Patrick McGuire.

Archive Material

Clips from Bob Mendelsohn's collection

Bob Mendelsohn's collection contains a number of fascinating clips of all kinds of jugglers. Including some fantastic hat manipulation. All the clips are in quicktime format which will require a copy of the quicktime viewer. The site gives instructions on how to obtain a copy

The following acts contain hat manipulation

  • The Johnson Brothers - The Johnson brothers doing their comedy juggler routine. The hat routine starts about half way through, and is a fine example of multiple hat juggling.
  • Lou Hoffman - Poor quality archive footage of quite a traditional hat and cane routine by Lou Hoffman. The video quality might be a bit lacking, but the hat manipulation is spot on!
  • Red Johnson - Multiple hat manipulation including what looks like some kind of boomerang throw with multiple hats. It's really quite nice!
The British Pathe News Archive

The British Pathe News archive contains a searchable database of film clips covering 75 years. The above link takes you to the search results which matched "Hat Juggling" including some fascinating footage.

It's probably worth keeping an eye on this one, as there are a couple of clips marked as "comming soon" which sound interesting

Charlie Chaplin

Several of Charlie Chaplins films included some form of hat manipulation. Chaplin is wonderful to watch as his character is just so well developed. Even his simple tricks like his hat trick (98K mpeg) featured in The Rink (1961) are simply charming.


Off Jazz is primarily a resource for jazz dancers, but also includes a quicktime video clip of Fred Astaire doing his "pick up" trick. Which is a slick kick from the floor to the hand, then flourished onto the head. The site also contains clips of cane manipulation.

Canadian Floor Masters

Buddha from The Canadian Floor Masters got in touch to say...

I've been a street breaker and dancer for about 20 yrs and was always known for my comedy and hat tricks. Our crew openned for James Brown, IceT etc etc.
Heres a small video on hat tricks and bboying.

We're currently hosting the video clip for them, Buddhas Hat Tricks - 3.2Mb mpeg 4

You may need to install a codec for this one, However some Mac users have reported that Quicktime can't work out which codec to use. From what I can tell, the following are the codec details...
Sound: Voxware MetaSound AC16V1 16.0 kbps, 16 kHz, Mono
Video: Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2

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