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Other Resources

A guide to other sources of information about hat manipulation including videos, books, films and links to other websites.

There are relatively few hat manipulation resources available on the internet (Which is why we decided to build this site :-) There are however, a number of books and videos that contain useful information.

Where possible I've included a brief review or description of each website/book/video/film however, I would count all of these sources as useful to some degree.

I've tried to cover as many sources as I can, if you feel I've missed anything out please use the contacts page to let me know giving me as much information as possible. A short review would be fantastic!

(Sending us a copy of a book or video for us to review ourselves would be even better!)

This page was getting a little on the huge side, so we've split the section into smaller chunks for you.


Hat manipulation seems to be becoming popular at the moment, there are rumours of a book in progress from Haggis McLeod but we're not ones to gossip!

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