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What happened when in the history of

The following list is the list of "recent updates" from the front page, I've shifted it to it's own page as it was getting rather large and was beginning to clutter up the front page.

  • 10-05-2005 - I've added a link to the trailer for Dan the Hat's new DVD project "Urban Tumble" to the resources page - scroll down to Videos and look for "Urban Tumble"
  • 23-02-2005 - I've added 3 new performer/promo clips that feature hat juggling to the resources page - look for "Handsome Little Devils" - "Yella Fever" and "Browner" - they're all great!
  • 11-02-2005 - www.trickswithhats is now 2 years old!
  • 11-12-2004 - We've just moved servers. The downtime was about 30 minutes so you lot probably didn't notice, but we're now on better hardware with more diskspace... which is good, coz we'd run out!
  • 04-12-2004 - The much awaited NTSC version of the DVD is now available in strictly limited quantities. Please contact us before ordering
  • 22-10-2004 - Mike and I are trying to complete our collections of back issues of "The Catch" - If you can help, have a look at the Catch Appeal Page and get in touch!
  • 13-10-2004 - For some reason the feedback form hasn't been working for the last couple of months. We don't know when it broke, but if you've sent us any feedback recently, and we haven't replied to it, please contact us again as the form is now working.
  • 26-07-2004 - We've managed to sort out a PayPal based shopping cart thing, so you can now order the DVD online! - You don't even need to register with PayPal to do it!
  • 10-06-2004 - Six new tricks have been released! See the recently updated tricks page.
  • 24-05-2004 - Four new tricks have been released! Including a couple of 3 Hat Tricks from The Void! See the recently updated tricks page.
  • 13-03-2004 - TricksWithHats the DVD/Video is ready for distribution! Get your copy now!
  • 25-03-2004 - Five new tricks are released. See the recently updated tricks page.
  • 16-03-2004 - Coo! We have been busy! We're now hosting an online version of Roger Montandons 1946 hat spinning article
  • 15-03-2004 - After a bit of a kick up the backside from a few people - Five more tricks have been released, see them at the recently updated tricks page.
  • 11-03-2004 - I've finally found time to rewrite the ball on parasol page and added a new one describing all the tricks that I've learnt about in the past year.
  • 05-01-2004 - The lovely people at BJC2K have kindly helped us out by donating us some cash to help with the running costs of the site. Thanks Rob!
    If anyone else wants to do the same, get in touch :-)
  • 29-12-2003 - Four more tricks released, see them at the recently updated tricks page.
  • 10-12-2003 - After a busy summer working on other projects we've added some new tricks! See the recently updated tricks page.
  • 28-10-2003 - Thanks to a bit of tweaking on the web server, these pages now load approximately 10 times faster!
  • 17-10-2003 - Paul felt guilty about not doing anything for a month, and put up a new Hat Fact!
  • 01-09-2003 - Raphael Lasar recently bought a new hat. Read about his experiences in this new article.
  • 28-08-2003 - Sweavo, Mike and I finally finished the pages about How to make a self assembling hat stand
  • 15-08-2003 - Got an email from Karen Bell who apparently makes hats designed for clowning which are probably worth a look for those of you who clown.
  • 04-08-2003 - Added a link to a stunning clip of Kris Kremo to the performance clips section.
  • 27 -> 28-07-2003 - The site was down for some essential maintainance to the server.
  • 21-07-2003 - Added 4 new tricks to the site, including a nasty contortion move from Luke Burrage
  • 30-06-2003 - Added some more new tricks to the site
  • 24-06-2003 - I've just had an email from the editor of PCExtreme magazine confirming that we were mentioned in the "website roundup" section of issue 4! Yay!
    Scans of the article to follow when I get my hands on a back issue
  • 23-06-2003 - Added four new tricks to the tricks section! The first trick update in ages!
  • 18-06-2003 - The Void has been watching Laurel And Hardy movies, see the Films listings for details.
  • 05-06-2003 - I've done some more work on the hatfact section, and you can now see previous facts by clicking on the logo
  • 14-05-2003 - Thanks to The Void we've rescued the Haggis hat routine from the great wastebin of the net and it's now back in the resources section
  • 14-05-2003 - I've added this weeks update to the database. Thanks to Andy for letting me use his computer on my way to the Bungay juggling convention.
  • 12-05-2003 - Have sadly had to remove the Haggis video from the resources section as the site hosting it seems to have fallen off the net. If anyone has a copy, please let us know!
  • 06-05-2003 - After a few weeks off here's our return to the weekly trick updates.
  • 29-04-2003 - Added a link to the Fistful of Lice hat routine from the Thursday night Renegade at this years BJC2003 to the resources section
  • 28-04-2003 - Added the Hat Facts! bit to the front page, if you have any hat related facts use the contacts form to let us know and we'll add them!
  • 28-04-2003 - We've released another 2 tricks from guest contributor The Void
  • 15-04-2003 - I managed to watch the Andy Head video last night and have updated the Books, Magazines and Videos page in the resources section with a review.
  • 07-04-2003 - Released the first 5 tricks from our guest contributors written up by The Void
  • 07-04-2003 - Added a new class of tricks to the tricks section - "Multiple hats"
  • 04-04-2003 - Added a new video clip to the Performances page in the Resources section, it features Buddha from The Canadian Floor Masters
  • 30-03-2003 - Added this week's update of 4 more tricks to the database.
  • 27-03-2003 - Released the new Ball on Parasol section.
  • 27-03-2003 - Added a new video to the resources section
  • 18-03-2003 - Added a new book to the resources section
  • 17-03-2003 - Another weekly update containing 4 new tricks has been added to the tricks database
  • 10-03-2003 - Added the new Hat Spinning Section
  • 10-03-2003 - The second of our weekly updates has been added to the database. They can be found here.
  • 06-03-2003 - Look! We've been selected as Editor's Pick by the Internet Juggling Database!

  • 05-03-2003 - I received my copy of "Manual of Juggling - Max Holden" and have reviewed its hat content in the resources section
  • 02-03-2003 - 5 more tricks added to the database in the first of our weekly updates. They can be found here.
  • 24-02-2003 - Greg Phillips reports that we've been mentioned in Canadas national paper "The Globe and Mail"
  • 24-02-2003 - I've added a link to a video clip from Cirque du Soleil -Quidam to the performances section
  • 24-02-2003 - A new article, explaining the trick naming system used at trickswithhats is now available here
  • 22-02-2003 - We plugged the site quite extensively at the Liverpool Juggling Convention It was great. You should go next year!
  • 18-02-2003 - I've added a link to the "Jugglers Bulletin" archive held at the JIS to the resources section
  • 12-02-2003 - Tricks are now listed in alphabetical order, and we have a new list of recently updated tricks
  • 12-02-2003 - We're now listed on a few more search engines, and have been linked to from some more random sites.
  • 12-02-2003 - Added the timeline link below this list
  • 11-02-2003 - Announced the launch of the site on rec.juggling and uk_jugglers - is officially LIVE!

  • 10-02-2003 - Added the vendors section, so you know where to buy hats and things
  • 10-02-2003 - Apparently we've won a Spike2000 award - not bad for a site which hasn't been launched yet!
  • 10-02-2003 - I've just searched google and it looks like the world at large has noticed us!
  • 07-02-2003 - Split the tricks section down into more manageable chunks.
  • 06-02-2003 - Looks like we've been mentioned as the pick of the day for the 6th Feb 2002 on!
    Yahoo Picks
  • 05-02-2003 - We're now linked to from

  • 31-01-2003 - Added more to the tricks section
  • 31-01-2003 - Trick description pages now give the size and filetype of the videos. The tricks index has been tweaked slightly too.
  • 30-01-2003 - Split the resources section into more manageable chunks. Strewth we've done a lot to the site today!
  • 30-01-2003 - Wrote up the history of tricks with hats and put it in the articles section
  • 30-01-2003 - More link fixing in the tricks section after Mike changed his mind about what some grips are called :-)
  • 30-01-2003 - Fixed a load of links in the tricks section and added in a page about how to grip a hat.
  • 30-01-2003 - Added a load of archive footage links to the resources section.
  • 30-01-2003 - Fixed a problem with the video clips so they now actually display properly.
  • 29-01-2003 - Mike uploaded a whole bunch of pages into the tricks section. We've actually got content now!
  • 29-01-2003 - google and yahoo have now both indexed the site which means we're getting closer to launching the site!
  • 22-01-2003 - Fixed a few back end problems with the page management
  • 22-01-2003 - Updated the Resources section with new film and website entries.
  • 21-01-2003 - Added the Contacts section so that you can get in touch
  • 21-01-2003 - Rebuilt the lefthand side menu and added the Tricks section
  • 20-01-2003 - Added the Articles section Including an article on how to Adapt an old hat
  • 20-01-2003 - Updated the Choosing a hat page
  • 15-01-2003 - Added the Other Resources page
  • 15-01-2003 - Moved all the content into the database to make updates easier
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