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TricksWithHats the DVD and Video!

It's been over a year in the making, but we think it was worth it...

What is it?

Available on DVD and VHS

We at spent a year or so working with to put together a DVD to help you learn all these lovely hat tricks without having to peer intently at your computer monitor for hours on end, and "TricksWithHats Volume One" is the result!

Here's what the back of the box says:

Have you ever wanted to manipulate hats like the pros? Here's your chance!

This video will teach you how, with 21 tricks demonstrated and explained, using slow motion, close-ups and multiple angles to ensure that even the complete beginner will be twiddling that hat in no time!

Your tutor, the infamous Little Paul, will introduce the basics of hat manipulation and how to choose a hat. You'll then start with simple tricks such as Easy Arm Tumble and Wipeup before moving on to more advanced topics such as Finger Spins and combination tricks.

Now available as a download!

In this age of high tech wizardry, It doesn't seem right that you should have to wait for us to ship you a physical DVD - you want to get hatting right now!

So to help you achieve your most impatient hat manipulation dreams, we're now offering all the content of the DVD for download!

For more details either watch the trailer on the right (flash goodness hosted by trot along to our Online Download Store - it's cheaper for you, it's less hassle for us - everyone's a winner!

We're still selling the DVD, and if you want to have us send you a physical disk, we're more than happy to! Just scroll down a little...

Technical information (DVD version)

(Here comes the science bit!)

The versions in PAL format will work in set-top DVD players in most countries except North America, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and parts of South America, which require the NTSC format.

Note that both PAL and NTSC versions will work in computer DVD drives in any country. If you just intend to watch it on your computer you can order either version.

The DVDs are duplicated in the DVD-R and DVD+R recordable formats. These work in almost all new DVD players (made within the last 2-3 years) and in about 85% of older players. If you want to check if your DVD player will play a recordable DVD you can check this website:

How to order your copy

You can order online using the buttons below, the shopping cart will calculate postage for you.

Update: 2008-02-13

I had been intending to wind down the DVD sales during March 2008, however I have recently discovered a quality issue with our remaining DVD stock and much of it appears to be dead :-(

I have enough working disks to fill existing orders, although I'm not in a position to take any more orders at this time.

What does the future hold for the DVD? I'm currently looking for a distributor who can take on the sale and distribution of the DVD (any volunteers?) but until that happens, the download version linked to above is your best bet

Thank you all for your support over the last 3.5 years!

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TricksWithHats DVD out now!