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Naming Tricks

A bit of background to the way we name and categorise tricks here at trickswithhats.

One of the biggest problems we've had writing this site has been naming the tricks. Every time I've been taught a trick it's just been called "this one" or "that one" - which is fine when you have someone in front of you showing it, but not so handy when you're trying to find something on a we did the only thing we could, and went power mad muhahahahaha :o).

The names we've given on the site are pretty arbitary - some we've heard other people use and like, but a lot of them we've made up oursleves. If you use an different name for one of the tricks then let us know (use the "contacts" button over to the left there) - if we like it we'll add your suggestion to the appropriate page.

Lots of the names are based on a system which splits the tricks up according to the way the hats moves. The categories are:

Throws - Tricks where the hat actually leaves your hand.

Tumbles - Tricks where the hat turns end over end.

Tumbles go this way

Twiddles - Tricks where the hat is manipulated between the fingers.

Spins - Tricks where the hat spins about its central axis, much like one would spin a ball.

Spins go this way

Rolls - Tricks where the hat rolls on its brim like a wheel.

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