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Welcome to

Millinery Manipulation Malarky and Mayhem! ahem...

We aim to be the most comprehensive Hat Juggling and Hat Manipulation website on the Internet, if you want to help us expand the site get in touch using the contacts link on the left!

We've now got about 130 pages of info about hats here now, including over 80 tricks, but we still want more!

The TWH DVD is now available as a download!

In this age of high tech wizardry, It doesn't seem right that you should have to wait for us to ship you a physical DVD - you want to get hatting right now!

So to help you achieve your most impatient hat manipulation dreams, we're now offering all the content of the DVD for download!

For more details either watch the trailer or trot along to our Online Download Store - it's cheaper for you, it's less hassle for us - everyone's a winner!

For detailed information on what's new and what's just been improved, see the list below...

-Paul & Mike

Recent Updates

  • 09-07-2007 - Tricks With Hats the DVD is now available as a download! See the DVD page for all the gossip, and a trailer.
  • 06-06-2007 - We're down to our last 3 copies of the VHS - when they're gone they're gone!
  • 04-12-2006 - I've managed to work out the last posting dates for Christmas, and have worked out an "order before" date. For more info, see the DVD page.
  • 01-12-2006 - I've just been informed that the feedback form had stopped working. It would tell you that it had sent us a message, but didn't actually deliver it to us! I've got no idea how long it's been broken for, but I've fixed it now. I'm really sorry about this. If you've been trying to get hold of us, please try again!
  • 12-05-2006 - TricksWithHats DVD 25% off! in a fit of generosity, we've dropped the price of the DVD by 25%! Go on! You know you want a copy!
  • 18-04-2006 - The Plate Manipulation section has been launched - the internet's only resource for playing with plates!
  • 07-02-2006 - TricksWithHats VHS 80% off! We've slashed the price of the TricksWithHats VHS by a whopping 80%! We've only got limited stock, so take advantage of the price while you can!
  • 07-02-2006 - I've added a link to a clip of Pat McGuire to the Performance videos page
  • 04-01-2006 - Urban Tumble can now be ordered direct from Dans website -
  • 01-11-2005 - Dan the Hat's new DVD "Urban Tumble" is now available for sale! It's 13.99 (2 p+p) and can be ordered by emailing We will get around to reviewing it soon. I promise!
  • 05-10-2005 - The NTSC edition of the TricksWithHats DVD is now available! Order your copy now from the DVD page!
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