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Foot Flickup

A neat way to recover a dropped hat.

At some point, your hat will end up on the floor and you'll want it back in your hand. You could just bend down and pick it up (boring!), use a normal foot to head (less boring, but relatively easy) or you could use this little move... (Far more studly way to kick a hat :-)

Place the hat on the floor, to your left, crown downwards and the opening tilting slightly towards you.

Point your right toe, and bring it behind your left leg. Place your right toe into the opening of the hat, and give it a quick upwards flick. With luck (and practice :-) you can make the hat jump up into your left hand.

Top tip: If the hat isn't quite in the right position, you can use your right foot to move it around a bit before kicking.

Bonus points: Do it without falling over about 20 times whilst filming the damn clip for your website...

Written By: LP - 2003-06-23 12:59:55
Last Edited by: LP - 2003-06-23 13:01:43
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