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Juggler's Bulletin - Hat Spinning

An online recreation of a hat spinning article from the August 1946 edition of Roger Montandons "Juggler's Bulletin"

A brief history of this project

In October 2002 I became fascinated in the somewhat lost art of hat spinning.

After a fair ammount of research, I found very few resources and almost nothing online. One of those was a text only version of the August 1946 edition of Roger Montandons "Juggler's Bulletin" - hosted at the JIS Unfortunately it was missing the images.

I also found a copy of a book called "Manual of Juggling" by Max Holden - which contained a reprint of the Juggler's Bulletin article, including pictures.

After a lot of false leads, I was unable to contact the appropriate Max Holden to get his permission to use the images from his book on this site, and gave up.

Then in October 2003 Roger Montandon himself posted to rec.juggling and I sent him an email, asking if he knew who controlled the copyright for the Max Holden book.

Roger kindly wrote back, saying that the images in the Max Holden book were innacurate, and offering to send me a copy of the Jugglers Bulletin article, at the same time giving his permission for me to put it online.

A week or so later, I received in the post a copy of the article in question which I have finally gotten around to scanning in some 5 months later. This page is the result.

The Article in full

The article is available in the following formats:

I hope you get as much pleasure out of reading it as I have

In addition, I've included scans of the envelope that Roger used to send everything to me (Note the relevant WC Fields stamp :-) and the note that Roger included with the Bulletin.

Thankyou Roger! It's very much appreciated!

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