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There isn't much else on the web about hat manipulation, but as we find out about it, we list it on this page.

If you know of any pages which aren't listed here, please use the contacts page to let us know!

How to: Hat Manipulation

A basic introduction to hat juggling. Covers hat styles, how to choose a hat and has some brief descriptions of a few tricks.

Tricks with Hats & Umbrellas

Extract from "Juggling" by Rupert Ingalese held at the Juggling Information Service. ( Wonderful vaudeville era book which describes the style of hat, cane and cigar manipulation popular at the time.

The Jugglers Bulletin

Juggler's Bulletin was the first magazine in the world devoted just to juggling. It was published by Roger Montandon between October 1944 to October 1948 and occasionally thereafter.

It covers a wide range of juggling props, and several of the issues mention hat manipulation of one form or another. When I've finished reading the whole lot, I'll mention specific issue numbers!

Steven Ragatz

rec.juggling regular Steven Ragatz talks you through how to make your own hat for juggling, out of felt, from scratch. Certainly very interesting, although this doesn't look like something I could attempt!

Nils Poll

The home page for Nils Poll - The man who designed the manipulator hats that both Mike and LP use. There's not really anything in the way of instructional material, but I've included it because I really like my Nils Poll hats! :-)


rec.juggling isn't strictly speaking a webpage, it's a newsgroup. A type of internet discussion board which is normally accessed using a newsreader. You can also get to it through the web if you want to at or google groups However seems to show new posts a bit quicker than google.

There's been a lot of discussion on rec.juggling over the years about hat manipulation. There are far too many posts to list them all here, so you're probably better off searching the rec.juggling archive using either the IJDb search engine or if you prefer google groups

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