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Plate Manipulation Tricks - Miscellaneous

All the ones that don't fit into other categories

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Trick Name


Plate Butterfly

This is the contact ball trick repeated for plates. Start with plate held in palm of your right hand, held out to your right. Throw the plate to the left whilst turning your hand through 180° so that plate lands on back of your right hand. Ideally the plate should stay in contact with your fingers at all times.

Fingertip Transfer [VID]

Start with the plate flat on your right hand, out to the right side of the body. Put your left fingernails under the rim of the plate, and then swing the whole thing up and over to the right side of the body. Your hands will swap positions.

Waiter's Lift

Place the plate flat on the palm of your hand, straight out in front of you. Quickly pull your arm back and up until the hand is face up directly over your shoulder, like a waiter delivering a meal. You can go back and forth between these positions.

Rossy's Swing [VID]

Hold the plate by its edge in your right hand. Reach under your left arm, and place the other side of the plate into your left hand (don't let go with your right). Then simply drop the plate, uncross your arms and catch it between your hands straight down in front of you.

Nigel's Extension [VID]

This one defies explanation - learn Rossy's Swing as a start and then watch the video!

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Written By: Mike - 2004-09-12 19:18:27
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