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Plate Manipulation Tricks - Balances/Traps

This page is an index of places where a plate can be balanced, held or trapped. In theory it is possible to move from any one of these to any of the others either by sliding or throwing, in practice it will depend on, well, practice.

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Trick Name


Ankle Balance [VID]

Turn your leg out to the side and form a horizontal platform for the plate with your ankle, lower leg and foot.

Arm Balance [VID]

Stretch your arm out to the side, and balance the plate on the inside of your elbow.

Double Arm Trap [VID]

Put the back of your hands against the top of your head, your forearms will make a horizontal platform for the plate.

Back Balance [VID]

Lean forward and catch the plate on your back.

[VID]Chest Balance

Lean backwards and catch the plate on your chest.

Elbow Balance [VID]

Bend your elbow, and extend your shoulder so that your upper and lower arms are both parallel to the ground, and then rest the plate on this table.

Elbow Trap [VID]

Catch the plate in the crook of your elbow.

Double Elbow Trap [VID]

Throw the plate, put your hands on the side of your head, then catch the plate in a scissor grip between your elbows.

Finger Balance [VID]

Put one finger in the exact centre of plate and then remove all other contact. You could then raise your finger above your head and walk in complete circle around plate to emphasise trick.

Hand Balance [VID]

Balance the plate on its edge vertically on your hand.

Head Balance 1 [VID]

Simply place the plate flat on top of your head. This is a nice way out of it [VID].

Head Balance 2 [VID]

Balance the plate vertically on your chin, nose or forehead. Learn the balance with a longer object first.

Knee Trap [VID]

Catch the plate in the crook of your leg.

Double Knee Trap [VID]

Catch the plate with a scissor action between your knees.

Shoulder Trap [VID]

Shrug to grip the plate between your shoulder and the side of your head.

Thigh Balance [VID]

Simply left your leg so your thigh is parallel to the ground and put the plate on it. Here's a nice way into it [VID].

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Written By: Mike - 2004-09-12 18:15:54
Last Edited by: Mike - 2006-04-17 20:01:52
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