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Plate Manipulation Tricks - Edge Work

Tricks where the plate is gripped by it's edge to be manipulated.

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Trick Name


Forward Tumble [VID]

Hold the plate flat, with your palm down. Swing it towards you and turn your hand so that the plate returns to its starting position, with your wrist twisted right round. To get out either take the plate in your other hand, or do a flat throw then untwist your wrist and catch the plate again.

Steering Wheel [VID]

Hold the plate by its edge in your right hand. Cross your hands, left over right, and pass the plate from one hand to the other so that it circles round them. Keep your hands as still as you can to enhance the effect.

Thumb Spins [VID]

Hold the plate by it's edge and spin it so that the rim stays in contact with your thumb. After a single spin catch it again. Once you've mastered singles try longer spins. This trick is very versatile and can be used to add lots of flourishes.

Palm Spins [VID]

Hold the plate by its edges between your palms, and spin it there.

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