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Plate Manipulation Tricks - Turnovers

Tricks where the plate gets turned over.

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Trick Name


Turnover [VID]

Hold the plate flat in your left hand, bring your right hand up and over the plate, cross your arms and put the heel of your right hand against the underside of the plate's rim. Bring your right hand up and turn it over so that plate ends up flat in the palm of your right hand. If you turn this round it becomes the Forward Turnover [VID]

One Handed Turnover [VID]

Start with the plate flat in your right hand. Throw it slightly, and while it's airborne turn your right hand so that the heel of the hand contacts the underside of the left rim of the plate as it descends. Push upwards and over with your hand and turn it over so that the plate comes to rest back in your palm. Try these under the leg [VID], backcross [VID] and off the leg [VID] variations.

Twistover [VID]

Start with plate flat on your right hand. Swing it in a full anti-clockwise circle, twisting your wrist over at the top so the plate finishes back in its original position with your shoulder and wrist twisted to support it. Reverse the move to unkink your arm.

It's also possible to stop the plate at the top of the circle and bring it back down the way it came.

Push ups (and downs)

Start with the plate flat on your hand with the palm up and your arm straight up next to your ear. Push the plate forward and down, keeping in contact all the way, then bend your wrist at the bottom so the plate ends up on the flat hand with the fingers pointing backwards, next to the hip. Reverse the action to get back again.

Gorilla Pirouette

Hold the plate flat in your hand and then swing the plate round at arms length whilst simultaneously pirouetting. The plate should do one revolution for each pirouette.

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Written By: Mike - 2004-06-15 13:41:19
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