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Ball on parasol Props

A few ideas for the props you'll need if you want to try ball on parasol work

The parasol should be of reasonable size - try to get one at least 30inches (75cm) in diameter, and make sure the spokes are straight when it is open. If the spokes curve the object will have a tendency to roll off if it gets too close to the edge.

Parasol (with a few patches)
Parasol (with a few patches)

The only parasols that I've been able to lay my hands on have been in Chinese gift shops, so get yourself to the nearest city with a Chinatown and ask around. The ones I've used have been fairly flimsy and therefore surprisingly cheap. However the string that holds the ribs together will snap with time, and the paper will get torn. Dental floss and the tissue paper used for making model planes both make good material for effecting repairs, but it's worth getting a few parasols when you find them, because they will eventually get so trashed that you'll have to just throw them away.

Apparently better made ones with a cloth (traditionally silk but more usually a man-made fibre) top are available, but I've yet to find them.

For the objects used to roll, a 4 inch (approx 100mm) juggling stage ball is ideal - click here to find your local supplier of juggling equipment . Other objects to try are:

  • Ring - the rubber ones available for throwing to dogs in pet shops are perfect, but make sure the one you find isn't too heavy. Large bangles made of wood and metal also work well; find a chunky one as they need a bit of weight to be stable.
  • Coins - Use the biggest one available in your country, and give it a little spin as you let go of it.
  • Boxes - apparently it is possible to tumble rectangular objects and things such as books on your parasol. I've not tried yet as I'm sure the corners will do untold damage to my flimsy paper parasols, but when I find a cloth one I'll definitely give it a try.

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Author: Mike Date created: 2003-03-10 14:25:29
Last Editor: Mike Date edited: 2003-03-27 12:29:24
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