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The Basics

The stand fully assembled
click image for full size version
Photography by Stoney

The stand is a tripod, with the legs four sections long each and the main "trunk" 7 sections high. The junction between the legs and trunk is made from two ferrules, halved then the halves welded together at the requisite angles. The angles are guessed and then tuned - if the legs are too straight then the stand will fall over as it bends under the weight of the hat, if too flat, then the shock cord will not be able to work against the weight of the legs to locate them in the junction ferrules.

Closeup view of the inside of the hat
click image for full size version
Photography by Stoney

The legs and trunk have a separate section of shock cord each. The trunk's cord extends into an additional carbon fibre section gaffa-taped to the inside top of the hat.

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