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Stuff you need

The equipment you'll need to make your hatstand-in-a-hat


I used an ex-rental topper in a large size (hat size 7 5/8). It has a strengthening piece of card in the top which is great for mounting the hatstand.

Hat stand

For this I went to Blacks outdoor shop and picked up a 'tent pole repair kit' which contained a good many carbon-fibre sections with metal ferrules on the end, and a length of shock cord (shock cord is exactly like thick, round elastic but for Real Men). Later when the cord needed replacing, I needed to go to a smaller local outdoor shop for it as haberdashers don't tend to carry thick enough cord elastic.


Masking and gaffa

Files and/or grinder

You might be able to get away with a minidrill for this. I used all of the above.





Welding gear


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